About Me

Grown up with electronic music pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Jean Michel Jarre in the 80's, I discovered Psychedelic/Goa Trance around 1993 and found within this style my musical niche I am still hooked on. After a long time of just visting parties and festivals I decided to develop my own point of view how music has to be presented and started Dj'ing in 2001.

Trying to get more out of Psychedelic Progressive Trance I am always pushing the envelope of Techno/IDMor other music directions. Intelligent and harmonic music mixing, always in a steady flow, never boring or just predictable. As a member of BMSS records, I am representing the progressive touch of of the label and am working also as a promotor for label parties in my hometown munich.

Since a couple of years, I am also producing my own music integrating it into my DJ sets to give them a unique and very personal touch. To get an idea about all that, you can find some of my better mixes from last few years to listen or to download from here.



Demosets to listen